Book Review: After Me

After Me by Joyce Scarborough Summarize: Sometimes death is not final! It’s just the start of a life. Jada Celeste Gayle meet a guy online and thought she was playing him, but in return it turned out to be a deadly mistake. Jada finds herself in the afterlife with a non humorous woman who wants […]


Book review: My trip to Adele 

​My Trip to Adele By R.I Alyaseer and A.I Alyaseer[b]My Trip to Adele[/b] is a collection of lives told from multiple characters point a view. All based around the songs and works of singer Adele. We came across a women fighting for her independence from her tribe as well as the safety and independence of […]

Book Review: Dreadnought

Dreadnought: Nemesis By April Daniels ACR thru Diversion Books ISBN: 978-1-68230-067-1 Summary: Sometimes hero’s are born, some are made by accident, and other are gifted with their powers. Daniel “Danny” always knew he was trapped in the wrong body. He fought hard to keep it a secret from him family and best friend, but he […]

Book Review: Naughty Betrayel

Holy Cow! “Naughty Betrayals” is as tantalizing and as heart stopping as it is devious! Married after a short courtship Eric and Karen are madley in love with a sex best relationship. Against their friends warnings they marry and start a life together. Then a few years later something, or someone starts coming between them […]

Authors Corner:

Hi, thanks so much for joining us today, how are you doing?  I’m great thank you so much for this opportunity to discuss my book with you. How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your book? Well actually the subject of my book is myself. I had a very difficult childhood […]